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Toshiba Hard Drive PCB swapping replacement guide



Swapping the printed circuit board (PCB) on Toshiba hard drives requires matching 4 things “EXACTLY” for your best chance of success without having to swap any chips from your old PCB to the new PCB. We recommend matching the full model number (MK2565GSX) and also the full HDD number which is normally located right under the model number (HDD2H84 F VL01 T). Not all Toshiba drives have the Firmware (FW) on the label of the drive, but if the FW is on the drive label, it is a “MUST” that you match the FW (010 A0/GJ002C). The FW is normally located right under the HDD number. Last thing we recommend matching when swapping PCB’s on Toshiba drives is the Main Controller chip on the PCB which is the larger square chip on the PCB (88i9017-TLA2).

If these 4 things are not matched “EXACTLY”, you will be able to get the drive to spin, but you will not be able to get the drive to be recognized to recover your data or use the drive. (See photos for examples).

If this is the case when you install the matching PCB you will need to transfer the 8 pin ROM chip from your original PCB to the matching PCB for the drive to be recognized in the bios to recover your data. These ROM chips are specific for each drive and a simple PCB swap with an exact match is not a guarantee without the ROM transfer. The 8 pin ROM chip is highlighted with a dark red square as shown below.

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Seagate: Model#, SN#,PN#, FW#, Site Code, Date Code, Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible
Western Digital: Model#, Date Code, DCM#, SN#, Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible
Toshiba: Model#, Full HDD#, SN#, Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible
Fujitsu: Model#, PN#, SN#, Date Code, Rev#, FW#, Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible
Samsung: Model#, HDD PN#, SN#, REV#, FW#, Date Code, PN#, PCB label and chips if visible
Hitachi: Model#, SN#, MLC#, PN#, Date Code, Country of Origin, PCB label and chips if visible


All of our printed circuit boards are listed with all the same above details, but we have also included all the chip numbers as they are all visible once they are removed from the drive.

(Our website www.effectiveelectronics.com is extremely user friendly which makes it very easy to navigate and find the exact drive or PCB for any application. Simply put the model drive you require in the Search box and you will see all the drives and PCB’s that we have that match your needed request(s). Checkout is simple, and we will normally ship the same day if the payment is received by 2:00pm est.)

(Please contact us if you are looking to purchase multiple qty's of any item and we can combine shipping). If you require faster shipping than we have in the listing, please contact us and we can make those arrangements as well. For all International buyers that have a UPS, FED-EX, DHL account, we will be more than happy to remove the shipping expense and ship the charges to your supplied account if contacted.

If you do not see the exact item you are sourcing on our website, please feel free to contact us with your drive details and we will see if we have the item in stock that you require that may not yet be posted to our website.

We look forward to having a long prosperous business relationship with your company and hope you find our service to be extremely helpful when you are sourcing your hard drives and PCB’s.


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